News for May 2010

I am attempting to get the probe made through official sources, that way it can be CE approved. Scenar is a class 2 medical device and for use in Europe, the attachments must be cerified according to European standards. Until then promotion and general advancement of this project is stuck. I shall however continue to support people in the best way that I can. This may take some time (months or years), it is also the reason for the lack of updates. Unless there is developments soon, this may be the last update for a while.

Thanks to forum member "thesaint" for allerting me to this article, which as he says "substantiates my claim"

I shall never stop this project because I know it worked on me and has worked to varying degrees on others. I will not break the law, but I may attempt to navigate it.
News for February 2010

I have produced a much improved version of the "General Scenar Therapy" manual (previous version was very blurred), it is available under menu "Scenar versus Tinnitus Techniques". The manual is £10 or free to ZAST members in the forum.

I can't do certain things until I get certain information from somebody else, so nothing else to report this month.

News for January 2010

I am going to begin by being brutally honest. I haven't done much tinnitus scenar related work since the end of November. Four reasons:

1. I have been completely taken over by a labyrinth of information relating to the banner on the first page. This research has taken up all my time. I wasn't doing it for anyone but myself, but I thought it valuable which is why I am sharing it on my site. Its turned my world upside down and inside out. The same pieces are there but just in a different order. Oh well, enough of that....

2. I was a little discouraged by the results in Italy. I treated two people while I was there, one in Rome, and one in Palermo, Sicily. I got no positive results in either, after using a range of techniques. However, I have to keep reminding myself that I had only 10 days with one, and 8 days with the other, and both had chronic tinnitus. Chronic tinnitus will take much longer to treat, but I guess I was encouraged by the Dr Raetzel DVD who got results with chronic tinnitus in one patient very quickly. Sadly it clearly isn't the case all the time.However both patients have agreed to continue self administration, one has bought a device, the other is renting one from me.

3. The patient who came to see me in October, for whom there seemed to be positive results with the Raetzel approach decided to stop coming, for his own reasons.

4. I have an ongoing issue with "Trading Standards", my probes may have to be withdrawn from sale because they do not have a CE mark associated with them. I have spoken with Dr Revenko about this and I am attempting to get this resolved by having them made through official channels.



NT 2.1



This website is dedicated to raising the profile of the beneficial effects that Russian SCENAR technology has upon tinnitus (specifically the type resulting from cochlea damage, due to loud noise etc.).

As far as I can gather, I am the first person to benefit using this particular technique. I devised it through a long trial and error process.

Tinnitus is the audible symptom of a variety of health problems. Often the problem is that a number of the 14000 hair cells in the cochlea, in the middle/inner ear, are operating incorrectly due to damage and another is that there is physical damage to the auditory nerve. This is a technique by which the cochlea/auditory nerve is directly energised by applying an electrostimulating SCENAR signal down the side of the walls of the ear canal, along the fibres/nerves to the inner ear. The device sends these signals at set frequencies defined by the operator. Each frequency seems to refer to a different area inside the cochlea. By gradually changing the frequency of the signal, the result seems to be the stimulation of each and every damaged hair cells inside the cochlea, this is sensed by audible crackles and clicks which I believe are the stimulated hairs. The treatment also seems to stimulate the auditory nerve which is also associated with hyperacusis. Over several weeks I believe the procedure repairs the hair cells and nerves and the tinnitus and/or hyperacusis is gradually annihilated.

There are other sources which fill me with confidence in not only this technique, but through using probably a much simpler technique with a different device.

To date I am the only person to have received the full treatment using my method as it stands today, so this is very much the beginning of something I hope will be massive. 


Do not buy anything until you understand what you are buying. Appropriate links on the menu provide you with all the information you need. Only a few scenars are suitable for this treatment (got to "Help!" then "Buy Scenar" on the menu for more info on this). If you do get one, you will also need to purchase ZAST (see menu) to apply this treatment.


Rock Star Support!

Platinum Blonde

I have been emailing tinnitus sufferer Chris Steffler recently and I've talked with him on the phone, he is the drummer from Sony Music artists Platinum Blonde. He sent me a message of support to put on the site: "Sending you a line to say that your work in the field of this auditory affliction and your efforts are held in high regard. Thank you."


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