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Well it has been a while since I gave an update, the reason for this is basically because I have been waiting for some positive news to report on, but there is only so long you can wait. Those who are currently treating themselves seem to be experiencing quite a lot of zeffles, there is some minor reduction to report, but as yet no significant further reduction. I believe, No.016 is still at the same level of significant reduction as before. You can see the update under "Partcipants Results" (changes since last update are in red). Most seem quite pleased and there isn't anything negative to report.


Unfortunately Dr Sedley hasn't reported any improvement yet with his own tinnitus, I haven't had chance to speak further to him about it but I will do soon, being a doctor he is also a very busy man, and I don't know how much time he has been able to commit to it, as this treatment is time consuming, however he still seems positive about it.


I have managed to create a new scenar website (see menu) on which you will find scenar rental details and more. All my devices are currently rented out, but if you want to join the queue let me know.


I have also updated the forum incorporating areas for more general scenar use as well. I have also provided an area for ZAST members only (people who have bought ZAST) to talk about their experiences with the treatment, as I would like members to communicate with each other more.


It may well be that to improve results for more people, a local (specific to an area on the body) treatment (ZAST) is not enough. Benedick Howard, a therapist, and "GreatPacific" have reported tinnitus reduction using a different technique using the Denas (see forum) which is great, but I have reservations about using this device with the ZAST technique.


I have not had the time to push this thing further, as I am currently preparing for the end of my scenar course with my trainers, but expect increased activity locally soon. Smile