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Two more people have reported a reduction in their symptoms since using ZAST and scenar, one having had noise induced tinnitus for 2 years, I have updated the list to show this. I believe I have enough cases to present to tinnitus organisations and related groups and individuals to generate some sort of interest. I will post (not email) to around 40 of them worldwide and will see what happens. I will do this in October and detail the contacts on this site.


I feel forced to accept a complicated issue with the frequency as nobody seems to be able to give me a straight answer. However this is positive because it does (in theory) expand the frequency range beyond the previous, and it is a simple concept to grasp. This change in thinking is mostly of value to those who are using either a NT 2.3, 2.2, 2.1, 1 or bluescenar, and I have detailed it in a new addendum for the members.


Regarding the new technique I developed, which I have mentioned recently, I am calling it "ZAST 2", I have found a way to apply it using the current probes. This is very good because it means there will be no further expense involved for those who have already bought ZAST. Again I have detailed the procedure in the new addendum for the members.


I have written a new version of ZAST to include the new details mentioned above. It is now a daunting 50 pages long.


Members can download the new addendum 2 here


I am still trying to aquire permission to reproduce the details about the treatment of tinnitus as mentioned in the German scenar textbook.


Two devices are currently available for rent (see here)