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I have finally acquired the Dr Raetzel DVD which I spoke of last month. I have transcribed it in "Scenar versus Tinnitus Techniques" on the menu. The procedure he uses is fascinating and involves using 3 devices! This number is off most therapist's radar, never mind your average tinnitus sufferer. Fortunately for those near me, I have enough devices and I have tried it on a patient, and the results followed closely with what happened with Dr Raetzel's patient, his tinnitus changed pitch, and position during treatment, and a reduction was felt aftwerwards. In the next session I tried a combination of his approach and ZAST, within a few minutes his tinnitus had reduced quite considerably, whether this reduction remains, we will see. But I will continue to treat him this week. He is going to post his results online at some point. If this is possible with a chronic patient ( he has had it for 2 years) then it probably means my theory about the zeffles being the key is flawed, or at least it doesn't apply in all tinnitus cases, as he didn't notice any. However, if his reduction remains it is very exciting news.


If someone got noise induced tinnitus and came to this treatment within a matter of weeks, I am sure it could help every case, but based upon a general lack of success, it certainly now seems to me that applying ZAST alone will not be sufficient to reduce or remove tinnitus for most chronic cases. Chronic tinnitus (ongoing for more than several months) is generally what most people who I have been in contact with through this site have had, so instead one needs to look at combining a variety of scenar techniques. Unfortunately these additional techniques require more knowledge, and another person to apply them, or access to a scenar therapist. This doesn't mean to say that ZAST can't help with chronic cases because it already has in some cases, it is simply that based on my increasing experience and results so far, I would say that it is less likely to help chronic patients, when used alone. For those who have found it difficult to get results with ZAST I have provided details of additional techniques to help provoke improvement to your tinnitus, which can be applied using your exisiting equipment, see "Scenar versus Tinnitus Techniques" on the menu. There is however, quite a lot to learn, my recommendations to get the best from scenar are at the bottom of that page.


I had a great time in Canada, I treated several relatives with the scenar for various pain related probles and got some great results, particularly with children, which is no surprise, pain was removed in a couple of minutes in their cases. I will be away again from 1st to 10th November, so again any orders will be processed on my return. This time its Rome, Italy and its scenar/tinnitus related, so I hope to bring more good news next month.