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I was so excited on the day that I made "the breakthrough" (13th October 2007), that I took what I knew (which was little) immediately to the world through the medium that was most available to me - "the internet". In hindsight it was probably a mistake. I didn't know much about the device, I didn't know much about tinnitus, and other than my tinnitus feeling loads better, I didn't know exactly what I had done. Here are the forums to which I expressed my joy, and from which i received varying degrees of support, contempt and backlash. I have posted the links here for reference, in case you haven't seen them


After much debate on this long thread, I agreed not to post until the website was up. I had agreed with the RNID not to post until the youtube video was up, I got mixed up and I posted on the ezboard site when the youtube video was up and I got banned

ezboard-CURE FOUND !!! (for me anyway)

There is also this one, that no longer deserves to be on my main menu!



Here is the most recent started by Joe Nemes


RNID- Tinnitus Board

Several thread and posts deleted, these remain

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Daily Stength

Cure found thread – deleted

dailystrength.org - messages/1551318


curezone.com - am.asp?i=1022435