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I sought an answer on the place that I know has many answers to problems: the internet. I found people selling homeopathic remedies, some device that claimed it could heal the ear with heat, and I read that acupuncture was helpful, but nowhere did I read that there is a genuine cure, not even half way. Nothing reassured me in that respect, otherwise there would be real people expressing their relief at being cured by this remedy or that method. Like many of you I placed faith in some of these remedies I tried T-gone: half the pills are still in the cupboard, I can’t be bothered with it anymore. T-gone, hmmm more like T-notgone. I tried acupuncture: painful and expensive, it relieved it a little but it was far from a cure. What also upset me was information suggesting that noise induced tinnitus was particularly more difficult to treat or help than some other types of tinnitus. I had to be strong and just believe that one day a cure night be found. The future looked bleak. Half way through my course of acupuncture I remembered the device that I had bought from my friend.

In 2002 I got to know my new next door neighbour, a Russian asylum seeker. He was very into nutrition and health awareness and he introduced me to a device he had, called a SCENAR. Over months we became good friends, and often giving himself minor back problems, due to over indulgence at the gym he instructed me on how to treat his back with this device. I had had a niggling sciatic nerve problem for a couple of years and we treated my pelvic area around the top right of my pelvic girdle, first by rubbing the metal pad over the area and looking for a patch of “stickiness”, whilst reading the LCD display, and making notes of the readings, the area got redder and apparently this was the spot that needed to be given a “dose” of electrostimulation from the device. I felt the deep tingling sensation travel deep inside my upper thigh, it didn’t hurt but it just somehow felt right. After the treatment and the effects had worn off, my nerve problem had gone, and remained gone for a long while. I have had no significant problem for the last couple of years and tends to only occur now, if I aggravate the area significantly by picking up a heavy box the wrong way ( by not bending the knees).

In Jan 2004 my neighbour had to go back to Russia, he owed me a few hundred pounds, but didn’t have the cash, I suggested that I had the Scenar instead, I knew I would be lost if the sciatic problem emerged again. He agreed, in any case, his wife back in Russia had another device. He had done a Scenar course in London quite recently but due to have to return quickly, he couldn’t take everything with him and also left me with the course notes, we remain good friends to this day. After he had gone, I barely touched the scenar it sat on my paino, ready for when it was needed. But the techniques he taught me were being slowly forgotten, I had other things to do.

Fast forward, back to August 2007. I knew little about it, I had forgotten most of what I had learnt and I hadn’t forgotten the course notes existed. I brushed off the dust and tentatively turned it on, fumbled my way through the settings, until it emitted what I believed was a fairly standard signal. I put the metal pads on my ears; it was like fitting a square box in a round hole. There were all sorts of sensations on my ear, but it really seemed that the pad was completely unsuitable for that part of the body. If I was going to give this a proper go, I needed a probe. There were two sockets on the side of the device, a pin socket for a mains plug adapter (I thought) and a 3.5mm jack socket for the attachment (I thought). I found a headphone sized jack with an audio connector on the other end, it fitted comfortably. However I could feel no signal coming out the other end, maybe it was a special Russian connector socket, or maybe it was broken, I didn’t know. I left it to ponder for a bit.

I contacted someone I knew who had been on the Scenar course with my ex neighbour, she was a retired GP and since finishing the course had become a registered practitioner of the device. I told her about my predicament with tinnitus, and asked if she knew if it was successful with treating tinnitus. My heart sank as she told me what I didn’t want to hear. She told me that she seemed to remember her trainer saying that it hadn’t been very successful, and she told me the problem was accessing the cochlea.

I was distraught, I knew what an amazing device scenar was, and I thought that if that can’t help then nothing could. My Russian pal was more positive he said that it would help but said hat I needed to treat my neck as well as my ears. But I felt that I was clutching at straws. How could that treat my cochlea, I thought.

After a few days of ear ringing despair, ever hopeful I considered the scenar again and I knew that there was such little known about this device, I remembered my friend telling me that there are no books in English about this, and as far as I can gather, next to nobody knew about it. It’s generally unknown powers suggested to me that by using the device, medical discoveries were still possible, and there was a slim chance that it could work for my tinnitus. I thought I would try and see what I could do.

The first step was my need for a probe. I realised that if the signal comes out the end then I can attach the wire leading to it, to bare wire with any other attachment on the other end. I removed the Russian warranty sticker, I presume that is what it was, as I couldn’t read it because it was in Russian, and unscrewed the case. The inside looked just as primitive as the outside: a circuit board looking distinctively 1980s with two wires on the end connecting to the positive and negative of the metal pad. Anyway, I carefully removed the two wires from the metal pad and fed a short audio cable through the socket, using it just as a hole. I had been told that the polarity of the device wasn’t important, as long as they were separately connected that is what mattered, so I didn’t fret over connecting it the right way round. One end of the short cable was like the end required to attach to your VCR audio, the other was bare, I twisted the wires together, insulated them, reassembled the device and “as if by magic” the signal came out of the jack plug. I could now attach anything to this. To prevent the wires untwisting I supported the hole with some “bluetac”, I didn’t want to solder the wires in case I damaged any of the components in the Scenar with the heat. I attached a connector and another audio cable with a 3.5mm mono jack on the end. Now, I had a small operating probe!

I still knew very little about the Scenar, I looked at acupuncture charts and specifically ear acupuncture charts and attempted to treat some areas on the ear that looked as though they might help. It was a little painful in places, I didn’t know what I was doing and it didn’t really seem to do very much. Each day I would spend a while treating various points on my ear. However nothing seemed to have much of an impact on the inner ear, and that was what I needed to achieve. I studied the anatomy of the ear and saw how difficult it might be to find a pathway to the cochlea, although I found that getting hold of a diagram of the inner ear as viewed from the “back of the head side” impossible, so I considered that there might be another pathway there.

Next, tentatively I began to put the thing in my ear canal, carefully feeling my way around the ear canal and being constantly aware of where the end was in respect to my eardrum.

I had always used those cotton bud things to clean my ears. Of course we have all been told never to put things in your ear. I thought about this for a while, and it seemed sensible to me that this advice was given out in good faith so that you don’t damage your eardrum. That is the only tender point in the ear, and of course it would be awful if this was damaged. “Never stick anything in your ears, larger than your elbow” That is what “they” say. I have met with this remark several times. Yes, don’t prod your ear drum, it is stupid and dangerous, and this comment is just to protect people. The ear canal is tough and resilient, just because you have tinnitus doesn’t mean the ear canal has become any weaker, it is only your perception of this that might have grown. When you don’t have problems with your ear there is no need to put anything inside them, but when you do, as with tinnitus, if you don’t want tinnitus then it looks as though it is necessary.

Due to the fact that it wasn’t such a comfortable experience, I could only tolerate about ten minutes at a time, and also it was incredibly difficult to measure quantitively. I could not measure the volume of the tinnitus and I found it difficult to tell if it was better or worse or the same. Some of the positions were fairly similar in effect and through repeatedly treating these areas I found that, although they energised my middle ear, possible around the hammer, anvil and stirrup bones, they didn’t seem to be having that great an effect on the tinnitus. I knew that it was to be a trial and error process.

I tried the probe in several positions in the ear canal. These had the most significant effects: with default scenar settings and an energy level of 30 for about a minute, and the end of the probe about 1cm away from the eardrum and the probe horizontal pointing towards the brain. I did accidentally touch the eardrum a few times, it wasn’t pleasant at all, but it did no damage, it is just very sensitive.

position 1.jpg

Position 1, I treated the upper wall of the ear canal towards the front of the head, holding the probe firmly in position, I turned up the energy. I got a tingling sensation in my ear. This time it wasn’t actually on my ear, but somewhere behind my eardrum, actually in the middle or inner ear and also inside the ear immediately above the area I was treating. I levered the probe around the curve area, I could also hear a noise a bit like wind. I found that it was the same noise I could induce by flexing the inner ear muscles without the scenar. During treatment I could also sense a tightness of an ear muscle.

position 2

Position 2, I treated the upper wall of the ear canal towards the back of the head, this had the same effect as postion 1, relative to the new position, possibly affecting additional or different inner muscles, too difficult to be sure.

position 3

Position 3, I treated the lower wall of the ear canal, the area immediately beneath the treatment point was energised and by levering the probe so that it was pointing further down, it induced a fluttering effect on part of my inner ear.

position 4

Position 4, like position 3 but probe pulled 1cm out from the bottom of the ear canal and wedged behind the first half centimetre of the ear canal and tragus with the end pointing downwards, nearly vertical. This had a definite tingling effect on something in my inner ear.

These sensations were very unusual and like nothing I had experienced before, I thought that I might be onto something. I tried many positions besides these, and after a couple of weeks experimenting I had definitely noticed a minor reduction in the intensity of the tinnitus, but I found it very difficult to attribute it to any one position.

Several positions induced strange fluttering effects in the middle/inner ear. I thought that this could be the point, so I gave it a dose of stimulation, and waited a day to see what happened. I repeated this in several positions around the ear canal. Not much, it seemed to improve a little. I would wake up and think that it is much better, and then realise that it wasn’t and the unpleasant frequencies were still there upsetting me. This was quite disheartening because I kept getting my hopes up and then they would be dashed.

These awareness of these first three stimulation points may well turn out to be extremely useful for other ear complaints, but they didn’t seem to have helped me that much.

However when I focused my attention on the 4th position on October 13th, something significant changed. I had previously noticed that this did produce a different sensation compared to the other three. I decided to turn the energy up to 42 and I held it there for 4 minutes. There was a warm comforting feeling between my brain and my ear, then a pleasant fizzing sensation for a few hours afterwards, and then I began to realise that the persistent loud ringing was no longer persistent. The nagging instance of that noise had gone! This was my Eureka moment. I expressed my joy by writing my “The Cure Has Been Found” threads. Then, I went to the pub.