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A tinnitus sufferer in Canada bought a SCENAR around Christmas and has tried using my technique with my support, unfortunately, to date it was unsuccessful. However I am not going to count this in my results, because of one reason, but one big reason. Unfortunately, quite soon after he received his device, I made the important discovery that frequency settings on the device seem to be an essential ingredient in the treatment. His device is what is known as a "home device", these are not as expensive and do not have all the features of the professional devices. One feature they don't have is a large range of frequencies, they have a select few. So he was only able to select 14,60,90 or 340 Hz, the last 3 of which were suitable for the tinnitus range. Unfortunately this is probably not going to be enough to give the technique a good trial. I haven't counted but there must be about 100 different frequencies on mine between 14 and 350Hz, and I will only consider results from these "pro" devices. I am genuinely sorry about this, but it is just one of those things.

Another person bought a DENAS/DENS without much success I believe. I don't recommend DENAS/DENS, they are cheap, but I don't want to go into an explanation as to why.