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If you have tinnitus (especially from loud noise) and you are interested in visiting me for treatment using this technique, let me know. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, a mile from the city centre. A couple of days would be best to get decent results, so the nearer you are, the better.

Have you read what the treatment involves? If not, do so. I will show you how to position the probe and you will self treat using my device.

As this is a trial and not authorised by any medical body, I will need you to sign a disclaimer for my protection. If time and locality permits longer term treatment and success, you would also agree to expressing your delight to various official bodies in order to raise the profile and credibility of the treatment.

My aim is simple: To reproduce what I have done to my tinnitus (without mistakes this time) in other people. So, (providing you are a reasonable person) you will be permitted to return as many times as you like.

I have a CE registered device.