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There are many practitioners advertising on the internet. This list for example has been recently updated.

None of them would use my technique but it did come to my attention a while ago that there seems to be another way to treat tinnitus that could well be worth pursuing. As it is a technique that a trained and licensed practitioner needs to perform on a patient, it cannot be performed on oneself. As the device is licensed only for pain relief some practitioners might not feel legally permitted to treat tinnitus. My technique is direct and results should be quick, but as my technique is going to be difficult to apply for many this will be a more suitable route. SCENAR therapy with its standard techniques is a holistic therapy, treating the body as a whole, and the tinnitus relief from this procedure is an indirect result of boosting various bodily functions. I do not know the types of tinnitus it has helped with, and I don't know how long it takes to obtain results. I do not know the success rate, although it seems that results are generally mixed from using the RITM devices from what I can gather. Although this source indicates a very positive results for "Abnormal auditory perception". These results will have been translated from the original Russian. Tinnitus is "Abnormal auditory perception" I suppose.