Are there other sources of SCENAR versus tinnitus on the internet PDF Print E-mail

"Dr. Ong discusses his experience with Fusion technology and asks several questions on the topic. Dr. David and Richard explain how to use Fusion to treat tinnitus"

The cosmodic device seems to have potential.

Here are Dr. Irina Kossovskaia, MD, PhD, DNM and Dr. David Gawain, DNM in brief discussion about SCENAR and tinnitus.

You will need quicktime installed


The original audio can be found here on the right under video and "full webinar". You will have to enter your contact details if you want the full report as I did, but it is not necessary as you can clearly hear that they are the same people just by clicking on play. It is 1hr 47mins in.

There have been experiments using TENS devices in recent years. There is a report here, also look at the related articles on the right hand side.

If you find any more sources for tinnitus and SCENAR on the web, let me know