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The current state of affairs is that only one person has been successfully treated with this device using this method, and that person is me. This will soon change, however because of this there is a trust element with me:

Some people trust me and are willing to give this a go

Some people think that it got better on its own, and the SCENAR had nothing to do with it

Some people think that I have invented this idea to make money, by selling SCENARS

Some people think that I must be insane to stick anything in my ear, especially an electrostimulation device, and therefore dismiss this as nonsense ramblings from a disturbed nutcase

I have provided links on this website referring to individuals with greater professional background than myself, who have used SCENAR technology to treat tinnitus. It seems to be that until me there was nobody that had both tinnitus and possessed a SCENAR. Those with SCENARS, are 90% professional therapists or doctors, a few of these (there are probably no more than a dozen in the world) knew the impact it has on tinnitus, but probably don't appreciate the drastic and desperate state that a lot of people who have the condition feel, either that or they are far too busy making other medical marvels with the device. So it has taken someone like me to bridge the gap.