Is it safe? Are there any side effects? PDF Print E-mail

SCENAR treatment has never damaged anyone, and I have been informed that SCENAR cannot harm the body

Care is of paramount importance however,when dealing with the ear. The energy level should be not too high to be uncomfortable, this applies also to the frequency. Low frequencies (<50Hz) are a bit disturbing, so they should be avoided. You should not use it for maore than an hour (in my opinion), it does drain your energy. Do not drive immediately afterwards and do not use if you have a pacemaker, are pregnant, or have other electrical implants.

This treatment is dangerous if you are careless with the probe and prod your eardrum, but the probe does not need to go there.

The outer ear may feel a little sore after treatment, I will endeavour to minimise this with the development of the probe. Generally the less intense the treatment the better. So it is ideal to treat oneself no more than once a day, the body needs time to adjust. 

The ear may produce excess wax as a reaction against the invading probe. Again this is minimal if treatment is less frequent.

Drowsiness can immediately follow treatment.

A noticeable after-effect of the treatment was tension in the forehead. This may be due to treating both ears in quick succession or over stimulating the brain, with the stimulating signal. The tension is a little annoying but shouldn't stop your day to day activities. It will go away after several days. The reason for this tension is probably because as well as treating your ears, it also treats your auditory nerve, which leads directly into the brain. It could well be that  this technique will also be valuable in stimulating people out of depression. Unlike ECT it is a harmless and therpeutic stimulant, because the signal is the same neurological signal transmitted by the human brain.

Personally speaking, the tension was only an annoyance after my first successful treatment on myself. There was still some tension in further treatments, but it went away within minutes/hours. It usually depends upon the length/stregth of treament, the time of day and your energy levels.