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The site was offline for a few days, chiefly because I was having problems with the "contact me" item. This software is very new and still needs some bugs fixed, but I have resolved the issue to my satisfaction. I have made the text black so it is more legible, but I was going to update some info anyway. I will get the "treatment procedure" uploaded early in March.

However the most important thing I have to say, which is great news (for me at least), is that in the last couple of weeks, I have successfully cured my tinnitus 100%. Besides being wonderful for me, it also gives me complete confidence in this device. I was concerned mainly in the possibility that its frequency was limited in respect to treating tinnitus. I thought maybe that it needed to go a little higher, say to 400Hz (the highest is 351Hz) to provide the opportunity for complete success, but I found this to be unnecessary, because this was not the issue. My tinnitus was a complete breakdown across the range of all the hairs, and if this is able to offer complete success in me, it indicates that this device is quite capable of doing this in others. This is what happened. I have added this to the end of "My story" (enlightenment)

After repeated attempts to clear the remnants of the tinnitus I was about to give up (at least until I could get my hands on a Acuscen Pro, which goes to 383Hz). It was getting annoying and frustrating, and also going through the frequency range searching (for what seemed like forever) for the seemingly elusive frequency that responded to the hundred or so damaged hairs that were just slightly irritating, it was like look for a needle in a haystack. But I had started to notice how, (whilst using the single probe technique) moving the positive end slightly from being "in front" to "on top" and then to "behind" a small ridge at the entrance to my ear canal, it did seems to stimulate different hairs. I hadn't focused on the "behind" ridge position, and that was the crucial element. I noticed how after holding it here for a while the sensation was really quite different, it seemed again that it was stimulating the cochlea in a different was. I new the tinnitus remnants were in the higher range, so I focused on it from the top frequency, this paid off. Two settings down from the top, at 334Hz I felt and heard the gentle "crackling" of around 150 hairs. I found a few more elsewhere but that was the main bit. After the electrical effects had worn off the tinnitus and hyperacusis had completely gone. Thus marking the end of my tinnitus and (I hope) the beginning of success for others.