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joe in treatment
From 17th to 22nd March, Joe Nemes from Budapest, Hungary came to Newcastle to receive free tinnitus treatment from me. Like me he had been suffering from tinnitus since going to a very noisy nightclub 9 months ago. He had it only in one ear and at quite a precise pitch. I gave him two one hour long treatments a day. I started witht the single probe but I decided quickly that exact positions couldn't be controlled to well so I made a twin probe and tried to adapt it for the size of his ear, so that it wouldn't be unconfortable.
We attempted to match his tinnitus to the audible pitch of the scenar. This seemed to be in the region of 274-288Hz, so I concentrated most of the treatment there. Then in the morning on day 2, we got zeffles (crackles). I was thrilled, this was the phenomena I had been desperate to reproduce in someone else for months. So I now knew the process was now working. I tried to use the full range of the frequencies throughout the week and a few zeffles were sensed across the range but most in that small region. At the end of the week Joe reported that his tinnitus was milder as a result. he is very pleased with the treatment and is very keen to get a device of his own.