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At last I have sold my old device and bought a new one, which has the required CE mark for use in Europe, which means I can feel more comfortable applying this technique and advertising for people locally. My new 97.4+ is shown in the picture below.

I have changed the spelling of "zephil" to "zeffle" (it looks better).

Dimitri from Hampshire came to visit me in April. He has bilateral tinnitus from repeatedly playing loud music in his car. Unfortunately because of commitments he wasn't able to stay long. We did 4 one hour long sessions in two days, we got the zeffles (crackles) on session 2. However he found repeated treatment in a short space of time made his ears a little sore (just on the actual ear, not in the middle/inner ear). This is an unavoidable consequence when time is an issue, ideally I would recommend at the most one treatment a day, especially at the start when you aren't used to it. Improvements also need to be made with the probe to minimise pain to this area. Although we didn't get enough done to reduce the tinnitus, he was confident in the device and procedure and is very interested in getting one so he can experiment on himself over a longer period. After the treatment he had tension in his head for several days. I reassured him that it would go away, and having just spoken to him, he says that it has gone. I got this feeling after my first successful treatment on myself, and it went away after a few days.

One amazing thing that resulted from treating Dimitri, was that we found that we could both hear the zeffles! I definitely heard crackles coming from his ear as I was treating him, we gestured to each other each time we heard them. This was completely unexpected as I had assumed that they would only be audible by the subject, apparently not.

I have still not officially contacted any tinnitus organisations about this. There are also other developments underway, which I am currently keeping quiet about. I have a reason for this which I shall explain soon.

Regarding the you tube video, I will do a new one before the 15th May.

I have updated the "contact me" component on this website, so that it works properly. I have updated several other parts of the site, I have also included a list of scenars that have the required characteristics to apply this technique. Next week I am going to focus on making videos link with this software.

Apologies to all those who's message replies were delayed, I have now replied to everyone who sent me message. They have all been very positive and supportive, thank you. A particular thankyou goes to Malcolm for this informative post in the forum: