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Professional SCENARs cost around $1500 to $3000, if you ask me I can recommend a seller.

Many people have asked me which devices will work for this treatment. The following have the the required characteristics:


Blue Scenar

RITM SCENAR 1 NT Version 1

RITM SCENAR 1 NT Version 2 (all 3 varients)

*RITM 97.4

*RITM 97.4+  

*InterX 5000

*Acuscen Pro+


These have the full range of frequencies, which is necessary, not just a few selected from the bigger range like the home devices or the RITM 1 NT version 3, but they are more expensive.


However, those marked * will only allow a limited application of the technique, also to applying frequencies beyond 354Hz is quite awkward with the Blue Scenar, so it is advisable if possible, to use an NT in order to maximise the chance of improvement, although if you already have purchased, you may as well try with your current device as it may be sufficient.


They may be cheap and available on eBay, but I do not advise the purchase of a DENAS/DENS for this job, the reason for this is based on information I have been given which I don't want to discuss. It is important that the signal is the true scenar signal, especially when dealing with such a sensitive area as this. The true scenar signal replicates the natural electrical discharge of the central nervous system. You can read more about DENS/DENAS here:


You will need adobe reader

SCENAR fair.pdf

If you do buy, read this document anyway, so you know what you are getting.