News for June 2008 PDF Print

I have written an extensive document called ZAST (Zephiloyd Aural Scenar Technique). I have made some probes which are not factory quality but they work, and you can't get them anywhere else. I plan on selling this document (free updates when necessary), both the single and twin probe and email support from me, all for £60 + P&P. There will be a purchase option on the website available around at the start of July. If you would like to pre-order send me a message, then I will know roughly how many probes to make.

I have made a few sales already, and there are some positive results happening:

If you want a scenar read this and then do a search on google or ebay. You can send me a link and ask me if it is the right one, if you like

I have finally put "that" youtube video on this site, as well as two from last month.

The website now has a tiny bookmark logo.

Now most of the preliminary work is out of the way, I can move up a gear. Now I can make more contacts and get more results!