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I have decided to use a new word "zeffles". A zeffle is a general term for the noise or sensation produced when a hair is stimulated in the cochlea (this is the theory at least). Usually they are audible noises resembling either crackles, prickles, ticks, fire crackers, rain drops, or microscopic electric spits and splats, also they can be inaudible and appear as only a small stinging sensation lasting only one second. During treatment a single zeffle can be felt regularly every few seconds, or they may happen randomly or in a bunch together. Large groups of zeffles may happen at the beginning of treatment, particularly if the tinnitus is fairly new, possibly providing substantial relief fairly quickly. Zeffles are an indication that the correct spot has been found, and the theory is that when all zeffles have been experienced the tinnitus is gone. This happens over the course of the treatment lasting several weeks/months over which time thousands of zeffles will be felt.

Zeffles emanate from just behind (inwards) the eardrum and very slightly up. I noted in May 2008 that some zeffles can be heard by not only the patient, but also by anybody who happens to be close to the patients ear!

Turn your speakers on, this .wma file closely resembles around 50 zeffles in a minute, this was typical of the noise I heard when my treatment was in full swing. Other zeffles vary in pitch and volume also.