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I have recently decided that it is essential for me to obtain a scenar NT before going further. In two or three weeks I should have one. In July someone from Germany came to stay for treatment and we didn't get anywhere, other than a few (<100) zeffles, which not surprisingly produced no reduction in tinnitus. His tinnitus was high pitched and because I did not have access to an NT I could not take the applied frequency beyond 351Hz, and thus I could not acertain that scenar wasn't going to work for him. Fortunately he is coming back when he moves to Scotland next month. Unless it is cheap or you have one already it is probably not a good idea to buy a 97.4 for this treatment. I would therefore only recommend an NT, also you must ask the supplier if the model has the ability to increase intensity and frequency together (some of the earlier NTs made circa 2004 did not have this capability).

I have heard positive results from another Pensylvanian. I sold him a probe set and ZAST a few weeks ago and he has had a little improvement, although he has put it to one side at the moment until he moves house. There are 10 people who have bought a scenar and my probes and are at the early stages of this treatment. Although it seems that some may be hampering their chances of success by giving up too early and not following instructions correctly.

The Z2 probe has been improved and those who want one will get a free upgrade. 

In the article about zeffles, I have included an audio file which closely resembles the kind of noises zeffles make. 

If anyone wishes to donate any money to this project they can do on the link provided on the menu. 

I have designed a logo (see below), the logo shows the wave produced by the scenar when it is in touch with the skin.