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Scenar NT 2.1 At last I have acquired a Scenar NT Version 2.1 (right) an excellent model, manufactured in 2008, which has the required ability to change intensity and frequency together, and thus extend the range from the previous limit of 350Hz to 700Hz. I can now be confident in applying this treatment locally.
I was sent information from my local tinnitus support group that there was some research going on at the university, for which they were requiring volunteers. Details of this is here: (click to download word document) Study Full Explanation.doc

I am meeting up with Dr Will Sedley from Newcastle University Medical School at the end of September to discuss my scenar findings.

Here is some important information for those who have bought ZAST:

It turns out that the current Z2 probe doesn't work, ie. it does not generate zeffles. The first Z2 probe had copper wire and a metal tubing sheath, this conducted well but was uncomfortable. I then found some solder which allowed for flexibility and more comfort I assumed this would conduct just as well, but it didn't. I was informed of its inability to produce zeffles at the beginning of the month, I was perplexed at the time but I wanted to experience it for myself before I did anything about it. As I hadn't used the 350-700Hz range before I wanted to try it on myself with my new device, and compare the probes. I have done so and sure enough, I agree that the current Z2 probe is no good for the job, but I have found a solution. The problem seems to be this: the electrodes are made of solder and in contact with the skin it does not conduct well however by simply capping the electrodes with a good conductor the problem is solved., the solder is necessary for flexibility. The solution is "banana plugs":

These can be attached to the current solder electrodes, the banana plugs then become the new electrodes these are a good conductor with the skin, and zeffles can be experienced as before. They have tiny grooves in which ear wax might be caught (so don't share them to avoid infection) they are smooth and rounded at the end. I shall be sending these at no extra cost to everybody who has bought and hasn't given up, as soon as I return from London next week. I am quite sure that this is the reason why I got such poor results with the volunteer from Germany in July. The "banana plug" version shall be the new Z2 and the price will not be changed.

Although not by using my technique there is a recent report of success with scenar here.