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Dr. Sedley (see previous news update) has been away this month, but has agreed to try scenar treatment very soon. I shall be contacting him this coming week.

I have provided a list of everybody (without giving names) who has participated in this treatment thus far through me, see menu. I shall be updating this regularly whether news is positive or not.

A third other person has reported success with reducing tinnitus she had had for 10 years using scenar, after paying several visits to a therapist. This has been reported on the RNID board, daily strength and yuku. She was so thrilled that she bought one herself to continue treatment. This is great news, showing that there is a chance even for those who have had it for a long time.

I am renting out scenars, there is an ad on ebay, search for scenar rental, £4.99 a day for UK and Europe, with £700 deposit. I have also advertised the treatment service on ebay.


ISTA 2008


Me (at the back) and the rest of ISTA, Battersea, London 2008. It says on the card "Scenar is not an iron", because it is important not to use it like an iron. See more of the scenar groups here: