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Last month I had the privelege of meeting Professor Revenko (in picture at front with cake), who is one of the worlds top scenarists from Moscow. A group of scenar therapists and students from the UK met in Essex and we were introduced to many amazing new techniques to help the body heal its problems. He was interested in my ZAST technique asking me several questions about it, alas there was not enough time to focus on it in much more detail, that's me at the back. The cake was for celebrating 10 years of scenar in the UK.

If you are interested, here are more pictures of the event from his website:


Essex Dec 2008


I have been able to finally meet up with Dr Sedley again, and he is beginning self treatment this week on his own tinnitus.

As well as many emails from tinnitus sufferers, I have recently had interest from a research group in the UK and from an Egyptian ENT.

I am pleased to say that another person has significantly reduced their tinnitus using ZAST. He has only had tinnitus a few months but very quickly managed to reduce it by around 60 to 70% conservatively (his words), he has recently reported this on the RNID board. Another recent scenar purchaser is also beginning to feel the benefit. I have updated the partcipants list.

If anyone wishes to rent a scenar you will have to let me know so I can put you in the queue, they are all rented out at the moment. Here is the ad on ebay: