How to get treatment


It would have been so much easier if I had not said anything and just got on with my life after doing this, but I believe that it would have been morally wrong to keep this a secret. This is probably the most significant find I shall ever make, and now I feel the responsibility of undertaking this mammoth task. For my own good, I cannot permit this to fail, so in these early days I must be careful to obtain positive results from the most likely of candidates. I have no money to put into this, I am looking for financial backing, and I have yet to start. But first, before anything else, I need positive results in others. To improve the treatments profile I don't believe that it is necessary to obtain near cures, but just a small amount of tinnitus relief for someone would help things and at least get the naysayers off my back. However, proving that this person is not some sort of stooge, is another matter. But as more people are treated, say half a dozen, I think things will start to look a little more rosy. My charge is £20 per hour, I would prefer to select local people to treat (local as in North England), so that there is little expenditure on their part regarding travel and accommodation.

Anyway, you clicked on this link because you wanted help, not me. If you live nearby, luck might be on your side.


1 Receive SCENAR treatment from a practitioner
2 Make an appointment with me, treatment is £20 an hour